"Ladies First" - Svetlana Bosnoyan

“Ladies First” is a contemporary TV show featuring various aspects of a modern woman’s life, including lifestyle, beauty trends, health, motherhood, childcare, relationships and much more. “Ladies First” explores the intricacies of being a female in today’s society. The show provides the audience with advice an guidance from the leading professionals in various fields, such as medical practitioners, educators, beauty and style specialists, famous chefs and event planners; brings motivation and success stories from experienced life coaches and celebrity guests; discovers the latest beauty/fashion tricks and life-hacks; guides through the challenging journey of marriage and motherhood; explores the best spots to have fun, relax and spend quality time. “Ladies First” is your ultimate guide through the modern woman’s multidimensional and adventurous life

About Svetlana Bosnoyan

Television personality, Svetlana Bosnoyan has been dazzling audiences for years as the host of “Crossroads.” As a multitalented female in Entertainment, Svetlana is a decorated songwriter and has served as mistress of ceremonies at some of the biggest concerts in LAs most prestigious venues.  She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, which has given her well-rounded knowledge in communications and building professional relationships with artists and executives around the world.  Aside from her accomplishments in show business, Svetlana is a dedicated mother and pulls inspiration from the joys of raising a daughter to develop the concept of her upcoming show, “Ladies First.”

Watch “Ladies First” on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM PST.