“Asbarez” with Nane Avagyan

The Asbarez TV show with award-winning journalist, Nane Avagyan, has been on air on Horizon Television since 2013 covering the most important events taking place in the Armenian community. Asbarez TV show’s author and host, Nane Avagyan, has 20+ of journalistic experience with coverage of political, social and cultural events both in Armenia, Europe and USA. With solid journalistic foundation, Asbarez has its pulse on community matters, providing pluralism on various political and public issues, and encouraging Armenian-Americans to participate in community life and in the processes taking place in the country. At Horizon TV pavilion Asbarez presents live interviews with prominent guests, with filed coverage of communities’ most important events.

About Nane Avagyan

Nane Avagyan is a reporter, writer, TV host, and activist. “Journalism is rather a mission than profession,” guided by this motto, Nane Avagyan in 2009, moved to the U.S. as a foreign correspondent to cover different aspects of the Armenian-American community.

Nane Avagyan is presently on staff at the oldest Diaspora Publication-Asbarez, where she writes on various topics and realizes her goal of connecting Armenian people around the world through her articles and Asbarez vast readership. In her articles, Nane focuses on social issues, presenting a variety of problems in the Armenian-American community and suggesting solutions through expert interviews.

Watch “Asbarez” on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM PST.